Our Health Protocols

Not every COVID-19 carrier is symptomatic, and we cannot completely eliminate risk. With that in mind, we have implemented the following safety guidelines to minimize any potential transmission of the novel coronavirus.

For our Personal Shopper and Delivery Volunteers, we ask that you confirm that you:

  • Have not traveled out of the country in the last 14 days
  • Are not exhibiting any signs of compromised health (e.g. runny nose, cough, fever, etc.)
  • Have not come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Have been practicing social distancing

We also remind you to:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer
  • Wash/disinfect phone (phones can re-contaminate your hands!)
  • Refrain from touching your face after having been outside
  • Remember to sneeze or cough into your elbow

Delivery Protocols

Volunteers should make as minimal contact with the recipient as possible upon hand off or delivery:

For pickup: Either have customer stay in car while volunteer puts groceries in trunk or leave basket/cart by the car for the customer to keep 6’ distance

For home delivery: Place items at the door and and/or call the recipient to inform them that their order has been delivered.


No Tip Policy

Our volunteers should not accept any tips.  If people want to support this program, please ask them to donate to Loma Prieta Community Foundation – www.lpcf.org

Practice “social distancing” — staying indoors, avoiding crowds, staying 6 feet away from other people if you have to go outside

Our Process

A Process for Our Customers To Rely On


  1. Orders are placed online at the Summit Store website and are funneled into a Google Sheets document. We have a cut off time of 3pm. Orders are filled the next day.
  2. The day before the order is filled, starting about 3pm, Order Coordinators go into the order sheet and begin to process the orders.
  3. Order Coordinators assign a Personal Shopper and a delivery person, if needed, to each order.  They then send out an email to each Shopper with details (including customer name, order details, contact info).  This is usually completed by 6 pm the day before shopping day.
  4. Personal Shoppers call the customer or delivery person and coordinate a pick up or delivery time after they get the email from the Order Coordinator (no later than 10am on shopping day).  
  5. On shopping day, at the pre-coordinated time, Shoppers do the shopping and check out at the register. The register will ring up the order using the credit card on file.
  6. If the order is for pick up, the Shopper will hand off the order to the customer in the Summit Store parking lot using social distancing protocols.
  7. If the order is for delivery, Shoppers will hand off to the delivery volunteer; who will drive and drop off on the porch / front door (no touch hand-off).