From Those Who Have Used Our Service


This program is a wonderful comfort to those of us in the mountains who
now feel most at risk. It’s uplifting to experience the personal
kindness of our shoppers, the support of Summit Store and the initiative
of the community leaders. Thanks so much!

Thank you for doing this.  It’s wonderful to have such great neighbors. 

Thank you to all of you for putting together this awesome service. Love this community!

We are 76 and 77. I have just finished a year of Chemo, my husband is on Dialysis so this is a great idea for us. We are trying very hard to not get or spread the virus just like millions of others. Thank You for offering this service.

The volunteer program of shopping and home delivery is excellent. They are doing a terrific job.

Thank you, from a grateful, vulnerable senior

You guys ROCK !! Thanks to all and the volunteers!

Well, after 10 days it was time to get some food (and Bourbon). Did the Summit online order and it went really well. The bill was pretty large, ~350.00, but bought a lot of stuff…full shopping cart. Feeling pretty confident I am “pure” and may see if I can volunteer in the future. It helps to be really accurate on your Grocery list…and know the Summit items.

I too have a great experience with Summit Store Personal Shopping Program today. A big shout out to Paul and Amy for their help and services. The online ordering process was quick and easy, and the curbside delivery was fast and efficient. It’s a great service to the community during this trying time.

Just picked up my order from Summit Store. Nancy, my personal shopper picked out the nicest veggies and fruits. My counter just looks more cheerful with a fresh bowl of fruit on it. Made me smile.

My husband has picked up two orders this way, and both times the process went smoothly. Kudos to everyone at the Summit Store, and to the kind volunteers, for making this work so well. I feel proud and privileged to be part of the wonderful Loma Prieta community. Thank you.

Picked up my order today. My shopper was very considerate and patient as there were some items not in stock. Willing to go the extra mile to make sure I got what I needed. 

Thank you for what you have done for our community. You are amazing to be capable of organizing this extraordinary program.  What a huge contribution at a time when this is so desperately needed.

A big thank you to Sanjay Khandelwal, Kevin Arnold and all the volunteers who have made this a successful program . It may have literally been a life saver for many residents in and around the Summit area. What a great community and customers we have here. Way to come together and help one another. Very proud of all your hard work .

Thank you so much! It you don’t know what it means to us ❤️ You are Rockstars!

Well done…so well done. Customers love and do appreciate how fast this program was up and running. As a personal shopper you folks helped me find what was ordered fast!??❤️??????

This is so effective and so stream lines!! Truly! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers. So generous to donate their time and efforts to help others in our community.  Beautiful place we live in…

Ten thousand thank yous for bringing me groceries while isolating myself for the safety of the community. It is VERY much appreciated. You and your volunteers are amazing!!!!